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Alise Arponen

Born in 1985 in Pielavesi, Finland. Spending most of her childhood and youth in Keltakangas (Kouvola), Finland. Finding her home in Berlin 2007.

"In the Finnish language we don't have dreams - we see them.

Through my work, I want to guide the viewer on a spring break through the wonderland of mind, having a toast for life in its colorful playgrounds."

Music and Video

Mixteller für 2

I love the whole process of making music. From writing lyrics and composing to creating the cover art and  music video.

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"Music is magic" said Jem & the Holograms. Sometimes it's so good to just get silly. With every project, you learn something new.


My book (in Finnish)

Tarinoita minussa minusta minuun
Tässä on kokoelma lyriikkaa, runoja ja hämmentäviä kertomuksia vuosien varrelta. Teksti johdattelee lukijansa visuaaliseen elämykseen mielentilojen värikkäillä temmellyskentillä. Tässä antaa ajatuksille siivet ja uskaltaa myös toisinaan ampua ne alas.


Human body and mind. Faces and phases. Mostly acrylic.

Trashion & Craft

I enjoy all creative projects and love to dress up! This combination has led me to have a few or more fashion designer moments in my life. (As a little kid, my dream job was top designer, inspired by the Bold and the Beautiful).

Reusing materials is fun and inspiring. Have a look at my sewing and knitting projects here:

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