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Arpa = lot

Arpoa = draw lots

Arponen = I might draw lots

ArTponen = I draw and paint lots


Who are we

Antti Arponen

Born on the first of April 1955 in Anjala, Finland. A retired teacher of fine arts in junior high school and upper secondary school.

"Art is a basic concept of culture, that can capture the existing or search something new and unprecedented. It aims to influence the emotions of its recipient and evoke thoughts. In my own work, I often want to highlight the ambiguity, unexpected and the importance of humor."

Alise Arponen

Born in 1985 in Pielavesi, Finland.  Spending most of her childhood and youth in Keltakangas (Kouvola), Finland.  Finding her home in Berlin 2007.

"In the Finnish language we don't havedreams - we see them. 

Through my work, I want to guide the viewer on a spring break through the wonderland of mind, having a toast for life in its colorful playgrounds."

Anne Arponen

Art therapist and social worker, born in Keltakangas,  Finland. After living in Pielavesi, Savonlinna, Oulu and Springfield Illinois, settling down back in her childhood scenes of river Kymi.

"The most enchanting landscapes I find in the visual field of my soul’s eye. In the world, that I experience and feel. The invisible world revives my creativity and drives me to grab a brush. I am inspired by fascinating and mystical elements: love, death, pain, and  drawn to exploring different methods while bringing my visions alive.

Although life has its limits, art should not."

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